Office Moving

OneSource is just that: the only source you’ll require to meet all your corporate moving needs. We pride ourselves on our wide range of moving knowledge and capabilities, which lets us streamline the moving process for you. There’s no need to for you to contact multiple agencies—we’ve got in all here in one place.

Our corporate relocation services are complete, efficient, and timely. At OneSource, we understand that moving means more than getting your company’s items from point A to point B. You need to be certain that everything is transported safely, carefully, and efficiently. Not only can we guarantee all of that, we also help you set everything up upon arrival.

We provide computer disconnect/reconnect services, IT and library relocation, and modular furniture (cubicle) installation. Your moving staff will have expertise in labeling systems and room layouts, office installation, IT administration and programming, as well as training as laboratory technicians. (Read More)

We start off your move with a detailed estimate tailored specifically to your needs. This can include specifications about the move itself, the services you will need upon arrival, as well as storage and warehousing—another service we coordinate and provide. Your items will be given the white-glove treatment and always arrive in the condition they left.

We strive to ensure that your company will be back up and functioning as soon as possible. We know moving, especially moving a business, is stressful and overwhelming. That is why we have ensured that every member of our team is trained and trustworthy. We work together as a unit—our business to your business, our work family helping out yours.

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