Packing Service

Do you dread packing up your home for a move? OneSource can save you time and stress.

Our careful, detail-oriented packers can handle all or part of the work for you. Just let us know how much help you need.

Instead of dealing with the hassles of assembling and taping cardboard boxes and then living among your packed-up boxes for days, you can enjoy your current home right up until your move.

Worried about packing fragile or valuable items? Our team has the training and experience to protect your special belongings for their journey to your new home.

For local moves, we use our patented, eco-friendly crates instead of cardboard boxes to make your move more green and more efficient.

While most movers charge an hourly rate plus the cost of materials for packing, at OneSource we charge our customers a flat price per box. You’ll be charged only for the boxes you use.

And when you reach your new home, the OneSource team can be there to unpack for you so that you’ll waste no time in getting settled in.


We believe that you deserve peace of mind when preparing your move. Give us a call to talk more about our packing services.