Specialty Moving

One of the biggest sources of stress during a move is worrying about damage to your valuable or delicate belongings. And with the high-tech home entertainment options we enjoy today, you may also be concerned about protecting those components and handing the complex disassembly and reassembly work.

OneSource team members know that some items take extra TLC during a move. They have the experience and expertise to care for your most important possessions.

Piano moving

We have a seasoned, four-member crew trained to move any kind of piano. We pay extra attention during disassembly and reassembly to make sure adjustments are not needed once your piano is in your new home.

Custom crating

Will you be moving fragile art or custom pieces that boxes simply cannot protect? OneSource team members will custom-crate any item in our workshop.

Media room installation

Why not spare yourself the hassle of removing, packing and then reinstalling your television, stereo and other components? OneSource’s specialized crew members can take on this task for you.


We believe that you deserve peace of mind when preparing your move. Give us a call to learn more about our reliable team members and our process for protecting your special belongings.